Tuesday, 7 December 2010

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A hurdle step in diving is very important as it allows the diver to get the most lift from the board as possible. There are several ways to perform a hurdle step, depending on who the diver is. From a springboard a 3 or 4 step hurdle is most common, whilst a run up hurdle from a platform is very different. But of course any forward facing dive can be performed from a standing position.

Hurdle steps are very important as it allows the diver to gain as much power and height into their dive as possible. A strong take off will allow the board to give more spring; however the extra speed and height is important to control to maintain a good dive and entry. If the hurdle step leans the diver forward on the end of the board, the dive is then sprung forwards and makes it difficult to control. The best way to learn how to control a hurdle step is a lot of practice and learning to balance out the height and speed of the dive, experimenting with different speeds and approaches.

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